PowerFin Announces Capacity to Fund Over $100 Million of Solar Projects

July 8, 2010

Austin, TX. PowerFin Partners, LLC (“PowerFin”), a manager of institutional funds for
renewable energy assets, announced today that it now has the capacity to fund over $100 million
worth of commercial and utility-scale solar projects in the US and Canada.

Through its investment in solar projects, PowerFin enables companies throughout the solar value
chain (integrators, developers, equipment providers, and other capital sources) to grow their
businesses. As part of the funding process, PowerFin provides all of the necessary contracts (PPA,
EPC, O&M, Site Lease, etc.) and engineering for full execution and operation of the solar-generating

“There is a lot of excitement in the solar industry right now; but, confusion about incentives, power
prices, and the value of solar, are holding the industry back,” said Tuan Pham, Managing Director
and President of PowerFin. “We believe that our experience in valuing energy assets will enable the
completion of more bankable solar projects and help open solar markets to more investors and
customers. We look forward to providing the institutional infrastructure and investment discipline
needed to accelerate the growth of this important industry.”

For integrators, developers, and others seeking capital for solar projects:
PowerFin is looking for projects over 2 MW (DC) in size and for which the permitting is nearly
complete. Any single project can cover a minimum of approximately 300,000 square feet, which
can be spread across as many as four different sites. Please send an email to
info@powerfinpartners.com or visit the “Solar Financing Quote” section of our website.

About PowerFin:
Founded in 2007, PowerFin is a privately-held investment company. The company’s management
team is comprised of professionals with significant experience in energy banking, asset
management, legal and regulatory affairs, and management of power-generating assets. For more
information, please visit www.powerfinpartners.com.

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