SolarHost San Antonio


PowerFin, along with CPS Energy, are implementing a ground-breaking rooftop solar program in San Antonio.

Residential and commercial retail customers of CPS Energy, the municipal utility in San Antonio, can save approximately 30% on their monthly electricity bills by allowing PowerFin to locate its solar panels on their rooftops.  The power from these rooftop solar systems is sold to CPS Energy, who then provides a monthly credit of $0.03 per killowatt-hour to a SolarHost customer.  This program requires no payment from SolarHost customers and allows anyone with a rooftop, regardless of their financial means, to help generate clean energy.  Unlike other rooftop solar programs, SolarHost enables a sophisticated solar operator (PowerFin) to work closely with a sophisticated utility (CPS Energy) to optimize both entities’ operations, resulting in cost savings and clean energy for the community.


Interested CPS Energy customers can visit to learn more and to apply for this free program.